Become a part of our change. Be a part of the passionate community that advocates for public health, through a diversity of projects to empower and raise awareness about what Project LAAN stands for.


“Seeing the community for the first time and being given the oppurtunity to look around was really stirring for me because it allowed me to better understand the ‘why’ of our organization. Actually being there helped me realize the urgency of our work and why it's more important now than ever to push for health for all.”

Lizette Aurellano


“We wanted to campaign not only for the mental health of Ateneans but also for those in the margins — underprivileged Filipinos who experience the same issues but lack accessibility for 'help'.”

Bea Basbas


“What I can say about the teams working on all these talks is that they were definitely not afraid to push the boundaries in what Discourse in terms of LAAN could be. They never fail to surprise me. Anyone can think up a topic and reserve a venue but it takes a special group of people to get that talk to make an impact and get that message across.”

Margarita Antonio